Top 10 takeaways on book publishing

Since writing a book is one of my goals for 2016, I was intrigued to receive an email about Freelance Austin’s February meeting featuring Patti DeNucci’s publishing journey. DeNucci is the founder of Freelance Austin, award-winning author of The Intentional Networker, and a professional speaker. During February’s meeting, she shared her perspective of what it takes to be successful. Here are a few of the main takeaways for those who missed it.


1.The timing of life events can drive one’s dedication to begin the process.

DeNucci always knew she had something special to share with the world, but she was busy managing her own business and raising a family. It wasn’t until her father was on his deathbed that she realized she needed to appreciate his legacy and offer her own. Although it was painful to lose him, she knew it was time to take her message and experiences to the masses.

Stack of Books

2. Have an idea living inside you? Start with a chapter.

You don’t have to write the entire book before you start the publishing process. First ask yourself if there’s a topic burning inside. If so, start there. If you haven’t fully developed your concept, get a journal and jot down random thoughts. Start collecting articles, quotes, and passages from books, and organize topics into “buckets.” Before you know it, you’ll have an outline of tangible ideas and you can form a writing strategy.

To continue reading this article, visit the Freelance Austin blog.

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